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Nuobei electromechanical equipment (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd


Novell mechanical and electrical equipment (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with more than 20 years of global leading talents in the field of plug-in robot technology. The core technology team is led by Tsinghua doctoral team, participated by German experts, and composed of many senior technical experts from the world's top plug-in machine enterprises. The main business involves industrial automation equipment R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and other fields.

The company's main automatic assembly machine, automatic assembly line, automatic mechanical arm, vibration plate automatic feeder, non-standard automation equipment. The company's main products include all kinds of automatic assembly, testing, packaging equipment and automatic manufacturing system. The products are widely used in many industries such as electronic communication, electrical appliances, automobile, household appliances, medical treatment, lamps, daily necessities, etc.

The company covers an area of more than 15000 square meters. Relying on a rich and powerful technical team, the company has established a good production university research cooperation relationship with many domestic colleges and relevant professional institutions, fully docking with international advanced technology, and has sufficient experience in R & D, design, production and after-sales.

20 + patents
Covers an area of more than 24000 square meters, self built plant
More than 50 plug-in talents
Cumulative production and sales of more than 1000 machines
Open innovation
In depth more than 36 regions; open innovation, customized plug-in machine for users

10 + N

Open innovation system


Industrial park


Manufacturing center


Marketing Center

14 万+

Sales network

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