Make due contributions to the society. As long as our love for the society is "sincere forever", the society will recognize us forever

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Social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility We take responsibility
Responsibility for scientific development Steady operation, continuous growth, Everbright plug-in machine field. Do fine main business, up and down extension, rational expansion of plug-in machine world.
The concept of social responsibility Based on the intelligent plug-in machine, dedication to society, self achievement, perfect life, based on the intelligent plug-in machine, dedication benevolence, factory and city, common development.

Social assistance

Helping the poor, drinking water to think of the source, paying attention to the vulnerable groups
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Environmental responsibility
Create a good environment and social relations, rooted in the "green products, green enterprises, green culture" concept
Green management
Green design
Green manufacturing
Green supply
Green storage and transportation
Green recycling
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