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Composition of automatic assembly machine
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Piston: the piston is prepared by Z-shaped bracket and loaded by gravity principle, and 60pcs piston can be prepared each time. There are error proofing sensors at the material preparation place and whether the product has sensors. When the material is wrong, it will automatically recover the wrong material, and when there is no material, it will give an alarm to remind the operator to load the material.  
The piston is positioned by two symmetrical Ǿ 5 holes and two tapered pins to prevent rotation. Driven by the servo motor with a power of 2 kW, the torque is converted into a torque of 300 N.m by the reducer for tightening. The current torque value is displayed on the display. The round hole of the piston rod is matched with a conical pin to fix the tail of the piston rod. The piston rod is supported by a rotating mechanism composed of three bearings. The piston rod is contacted with Teflon material in handling and clamping engineering to prevent scratch.  
Press riveting: use a pressure of 3000kg booster cylinder as the power. The round hole of the piston rod is matched with a conical pin to fix the tail of the piston rod, and the middle part is supported by a V-shaped block. There is a guide hole at the end of the ram to fit with the outer circle of the piston to prevent the deviation of the piston rod. The pressing points are three cylinders with diameter of Ǿ 1 mm and length of 2 mm, which are evenly distributed on the cylinder and made of tungsten steel. The whole structure can absorb the whole pressure.  
Set of support ring: the support ring can be prepared 120 pcs each time by superposition. There are cylinder separation, gravity sliding and other mechanisms to achieve feeding. There are two sensors to judge whether there is material and whether the support ring slides to the predetermined position. Through a series of cylinder combination movement, the support ring is trapped in the required slot, and the two optical fiber sensing support rings are clamped to the specified position.  
Automatic assembly machine oil injection: use hydraulic pump to spray a certain amount of hydraulic oil to the inner wall of cylinder.  
Screw the guide sleeve: the end of the cylinder is positioned with a round hole and a pin, and the middle is fixed with a clamping mechanism with three bearings. A 2kW servo motor is used to give the cylinder a 500N. M torque through the reducer. When the piston and the cylinder are assembled, the motor drives the cylinder to rotate forward and backward to facilitate the introduction of the piston. The guide sleeve is positioned with four square holes of its own 4x5x5 to prevent rotation. The square hole matching block is made of tungsten steel. When tightening the guide sleeve, the torque is 500N. M, which is displayed on the display screen.